Performance problems Version 2.1.29 Android

  • The update is nice - primarily the PAPI-lights and Callout-sounds.
    But since this version I have noticeable performance-problems, I think the thing is the lot of 3D-Objekts in/around San Francisco. Will be there an option to reduce the 3D-Objekts to have better performance? Please ... (The setting of quality is always on "low").
    Also: Could it be, that some 3D-Objekts are removed ... I thougt on "Mammoth Yosemite Airport" there was buildings, now there are not?

  • No, its not a beta Version, its the current Android version since June, 10: 2.1.29, see here:…m.aerofly.aerofly2android

    My device is a Moto E2 2015 LTE. The performance drop exits on all aircraft on flying below 2000 ft over San Francisco. Also I feel that the version is more slow than the others before, which means, that the seconds are longer (see on the watches in the aircraft). Also the feeling of landing and starting is slower ... not real time.

  • They have said that the prefered reporting method for the Android beta is through a direct email and they respond to posts in the Google Groups Aerofly Alpha forum and they also reply to points on the less focused Facebook page so this Apple iPad/iPod version forum is well down the pecking order for the attention of the rapidly changing Android situation which is currently on version 2.1.35.
    They dont all see every communication in real time. I think they are busy and might well have taken your points on board.
    The current versions seem experimental, some versions only last for a few days.