• Sooo, AF 1 came out for Android, with the same engine as AF2, and having the latest features. While this is great for Aerofly, it's so far only for Android. Will iOS get the same treatment, and receive an update to add at least the PAPI and replay mode?

  • I noticed this too that said it was based on the same engine. Not sure if based means the same as uses the same engine - there might not be feature parity.
    In an ideal world, I would love to see this Switzerland region added to AF2 as an in app purchase that combines with the existing San Francisco region so you can navigate between them. If that is not possible, I would still hope they can add it as an in app purchase as a separate region for AF2. I would love additional regions as options as well.
    I wouldn't be happy if the AF2 engine was added back to AF FS since I bought AF2 for the new features. Adding Switzerland to AF2 as an in app purchase seems like the best approach to me.

  • Andy0514: Our plans are to bring Switzerland to Aerofly 2 as an In-App purchase. However we need to solve a few technical issues first, especially with the slower iOS devices. Our big goal is actually to only offer ONE Aerofly to the users.

    donka: We really wanted to add Switzerland to Aerofly 2 on Android. To do this we need to implement our own Download servers, which still takes some time!

    The reason to publish Aerofly 1 for Android is that we tried to give Switzerland to the Android community as quick as possible. Another reason is that Aerofly 1 has slightly less hardware demands as this version does NOT allow changing the time of day.

    We hope this sheds some light on our decisions.

  • Thanks Support. Really looking forward to Switzerland in AF2 whenever that happens as it will be a great addition.

    Can I say how brilliant it is to have working navigation instruments and PAPIs in the android "1" Swiss scenery. It is slightly odd using the small german field's NDB (Donaueschingen) for guidance into Zurich but it is very helpful and it is wonderful getting the ILS alive and competing with the PAPI for precise glide path guidance. The Bern NDB is even better, being on the field.

    The down side is that the iPad version now looks so tired especially as the android has the modernised Baron with its excellent nav-aids, and the engines work-on over the Swiss border!
    I was surprised that a version of FS was released for android as IPACS had said that the iPad FS would not be updated again.
    Will we really have to wait for the Swiss "2" add-on to get such entertaining and engaging sim flying on iPad? The Swiss add-on is not even the first choice for release as Southern California has been named as the initial add-on.
    Can anything be updated in iPad FS? It is so far behind now and already a lot of work has gone into improving the original FS in order to produce Aerofly "1". The Swiss scenery in android is so much more engaging than just flying around San Francisco. It will be odd to have the iPad Swiss version frozen in a more primitive state when the other 3 Aeroflys are clearly superior.

    If anything can be done could Basel be given a flat runway even though it is just over the French border. The android "1" Basel has superb working ILSs and near/on the field NDBs but the outside-Switzerland coarse texture is a serious let down.

  • For iOS our intention is really to offer Switzerland as an AddOn to Aerofly 2. We have no plans to offer an upgrade to the existing Aerofly 1 ( named aerofly FS ). Doing so would break a few things, people love about this version, like Game Center achievements, better performance ( its not a whole earth engine! ) and also some airplanes that are not yet in Aerofly 2, like the Robin DR400.

    So expect to see Switzerland in the same quality as for the Android version some time in the future, hopefully with even better navigation features. Like we mentioned before, the navigation feature will get a major overhaul due to the fact that Aerofly 2 is coming out for PC.

  • Great to know! Also, because I'm getting bad frames when landing in KSFO on AF2 on iPad Air, as a way of improving the graphics as well as the FPS, can you implement "Metal" engine? From the Apple keynote, it seems like that you can get great performance and great graphics with this engine.

  • Can I thank IPACS for the sheer bliss of running the IGS approaches into Sion 25 and Lugano 01. The scenery is magnificent and for Sion, going past the deep chasm with the debris sort of delta to the left on long finals is so atmospheric. The steep approach looks like a dive bomber attack (rate of descent equal to 12X airspeed!) and is just beautiful. The working navigation instruments make it so much better than in FS.
    The Baron in 2 had a working DME for Salinas, could something similar be applied here? It is great for longer distance positioning where the top display switches to nearer airports. Berne or Zurich or Emmen, anywhere would be great. Thanks again, looks great!