Android build Joystick support via usb and otg adapter?

  • Just wondered if Usb Joystick support with customisable ui and mapping to Aerofly functions will be added to the Android build (which can handle usb devices plugged in via an otg adapter)?
    I was thinking since a similar UI was developed for the PC build, this might be easier to include for Android mobile builds now.
    Device tilt whilst on the go is great, game controller never felt natural, but I do like to plug in a joystick at home and can't afford a PC.
    I do love using this feature in Infinite Flight. It'd be awesome to have the same functionality in Aerofly2 with its physics. IF could be removed once and for ever.

  • Before it was added to IF I was sceptical. But it really is a great control option, obviously for at home.
    I'd imagine there could be a lot of former PC simmers like myself who no longer have (or really want) PCs but would like a little more control and realism via their mobile hardware and the amazing realism that AF2 mobile offers.

  • A fixed tablet with a joystick will also use trim to ballance power, speed and flap variations. That would add an extra layer of authenticity and entertainment to the mobile aeros. It would impress people new to the Aero apps even more and would also make a good impression in the app stores.

  • Could Nik's joystick interface request be kept in mind when transfering FS 2 features into mobile? The trim requirements and effects in FS 2 are desirable and having to partially rotate an 'untrimmed tablet' sort of distracts from tilt flight control.

  • I agree, a must have. I will not purchase the app without.
    I'd prefer a wifi/bleutooth protocol even more. so we could use an rc transmitter interface, coupled with smartphone beadset support.

  • It might be helpful if Android cannot be made to reliably accept simultaneous throttle and rudder slider inputs in future versions. My Pixel C performs worse than an iPad and it is quite a hot tablet. The Pixel C accepts OTG so a joystick input could allow proper rudder and nose wheel steering inputs which seem much better with iOS. Joystick input seems to be available in android "IF".