Aerofly FS 2 roadmap during Early Access

  • Dear Aerofly users,

    first of all, thank you very much for all the feedback and ideas, you have provided to us. As we see, the wishes are numerous and each user has its own priorities. It is a challenging task for us to come up with a good roadmap to please everybody.

    The near future will bring the following main features to Aerofly FS 2:

    • Higher resolution textures for aerial images
    • SDK. The initial version of the SDK will offer the following features:
      - An option to read simulation data via DLL or network
      - A possibility to send back data into the simulation, e.g. control inputs.
      - Tools and converters so you can add your own objects and airports to Aerofly
    • Improved usability of airliners, e.g. LNAV, VNAV, auto tuning, radio navigation
    • From all the Emails we have received a good ATC module also has high priority on our side. This ATC module will most likely go through many iterations.

    Of course this list is not exhaustive, so expect to see more features, where we haven't decided yet on the exact priority, like more system complexity, improved graphics, complex weather simulation and so on.

    Besides those major points, we will in parallel work on other things like, Saitek support, Virtual Reality, new airplanes and airports, basically things that don't bind too many resources.

    Please understand that we cannot give you exact dates. Experience has shown that it is difficult to estimate times to implement complex features like ATC.

    Thanks again for supporting Aerofly FS 2.