Big user survey: What have you enjoyed most in fs2 so far, and what least?

  • Let both the community and the developpers know, which best moments you have been experiencing with aerofly Flight Simulator 2 in its early stage phase so far. What were the things you loved , what are the things you would love to see changed, and what are the things you would love to get featured in the upcoming releases?

    Don't bother about small bugs, call the big stuff.

  • FS 2 is great fun and I know that allowance must be made for its unfinished state. I liked the manual navaid entry which I thought was a pretty good idea. It is now REMOVED from the 737, Learjet and King Air. I do not like dumbing down and a destructive obsession with a game like navigation feature which has carried over from mobile. A simulated gps or fmc system with full manual over ride control of navaids would be realistic, more of a serious simulation. I liked paying for Switzerland, there is an increasing clamour for the release of an Android fix and for extra content. IPACS could get revenue and the mobile fans could be satisfied and remain interested in future developments.

  • Loved:
    - Flight Dynamics, and seeing there is room for good complex add-ons to be released, by IPACS or third party, in the future;
    - Smoothness even in my "old" i5 2500 @ 3,3 GHz rig;
    - Scenery;
    - Weather modeling in as far as wind and turbulence go, and even the basic thermal modelling;

    - The UI;
    - The easy updates;
    - The, even if basic, systems ( navaids ) implementation;

    Didn't like:
    - Nothing;

    Would like to have:
    - Further systems modeling on aircraft, all types, including mixture for reciprocating engines, more accurate turboprop ( free-running turb ) modeling, fuel systems - particularly being able to set fuel levels and having active fuel consumption;
    - Possibility to set the date, and have precise Sun and Moon ephmeris;
    - Possibility to further set weather variables, like multiple cloud layers, QNH, precipitation;
    - If precipitation get's modeled, then the effects on ground handling, and if possible impact of some forms of precipitation on the aircraft;
    - Night lighting for ciities and suburbs, maybe highways too;
    - Multiplayer capabilities - even more than having AI traffic;
    - ATC ( a very complex demand... probably better to crete the hooks and leave the details for 3pds... );

    But, as stated at another post of mine, I'll accept anything, at the pace the small team is able to deliver it, and am enjoying every bit of it!!!

    Main Simulation Rig:

    Ryzen 5600x, 32GB RAM, Nvidia RTX 3060 Ti, 1 TB & 500 GB M.2 nvme drives, Win11.

    Lenovo TB310FU 9,5" Tablet for Navigraph and some available external FMCs or AVITABs

  • Thumb up:

    - They focus on key feature elements that carry the product philosophy.
    The Cockpits are with no doubt done with love and it shows.
    The Terrain mesh and texturings are unmatched.
    The Sunlight in the cockpit gets the experience as real as it can.

    - Massive Product Value from the first minute

    - Unbelievably smooth gameplay. That load of objects without losing FPS, just stunning!

    - German-like coding. Looks clean, reliable and for longterm.

    Best experience:

    - Palm Springs Approach at Sunset with Learjet. The atmosphere reflects how desert life really looks, known to many Europeans who spent their vacation in the Southwest of the U.S., I really love how they did the Learjet. My favourite now.
    Mountains don't yet drop shadow into the valley.

    - Short Approach VFR turning Base, descending to final over San Diego Downtown
    clouds don't yet drop shadows to ground.

    Thumbs down:

    - No Terrain shading (Mountains/Terrain height model does not drop shadows that go with the time of day)
    - No Cloud shading
    - No Palm Trees
    - No Air and Road Traffic (i know it will come)
    - Horizon Haze (wrong coloring and density), used for LOD-reasons but not artisticly real.
    - Product introduction priotizing mobile instead of PC, some Communications lacks thruout stages I-II
    - GUI (fat grandma thumbzones with no mouse response and lots of buggy issues),
    this gets harder and harder to adjust once product grows
    I hope they allow users propose a redesign of the user interface and process.
    - Product Name (hassling around a variety of names, from ipacs over icarus, from affs1 over fs1 or fs2 and aerofly),
    this kind of product naming is weird an messy, considering that people had to find out what's the actual PC-sim against RC-stuff.


    i would love to see this product go into an all elements sim that covers flight, ground and naval.
    i would love to see a living nature
    i would love to see the Eastern U.S. landstrip coming next, including Halifax, New York City, D.C. all the way down to Miami
    i would love to see the Hawaiian Islands coming next
    i would love to have the Pilatus Airplanes (PC-6,9,12,21,24), and F/A-18D(double seater/Trainer), C-130, F-16C Block60 or later, Blackhawk/USCG collection, Apache, and many more. don't forget Carriers, Vessels, Tankers, etc.

    i would love to get functional airplanes that can interact with the environment (SAR, Payload, Systems)
    i would love to have multiplayer or multi-crew.
    i would love to see first person (classic flight sims never made the gap thru the airplane-door)

    i would love them to gain speed, starving for next steps :))

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