New Extra 300 Flight Dynamics for the next update ?

  • Hi José,

    the flight dynamics are already in the current version. The changes are between "Aerofly FS 1" and "Aerofly FS 2". We have changed several smaller things, for example:
    - stall behaviour is now even more realistic
    - very high alpha behaviour is far better (suitable for knife edge spins and tumblings for example)
    - tail slides are now possible realisticly (the physics in "Aerofly FS 1" weren't suitable for doing that on a motorplane)
    - roll rate slightly decreased in high airspeeds
    - propeller produces serious drag now when engine is in idle
    - flight model is now smoother
    - many more minor changes which make it feel more natural and realistic.

    Bests, Joachim

  • Thx Joachim,

    that makes all sense, because although it had been a long time since I last used Aerofly FS1, I did notice this Extra 300 in Aerofly FS 2 performs beautifully, but I couldn't know for sure there had been changes. Now I know :)

    Keep the EXCELLENT work Aerofly Team!



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