T16000M button 2 assignment impossible

  • Hi,

    Trying to assign buttons to my Thrustmaster T16000M joystick.
    Unfortunately one of the most important, button 2, is apparently already occupied with an undocumented function.
    Pressing this button cycles the views in an (for me) unpredictable way.
    Looking at all available options 'button 2' isn't being used at all so I can't delete this default function.
    If I assign e.g. elevator trim to button 2, trimming works and the view changes to e.g. the outside view.
    Not desireable ;)
    Any ideas how to fix this? maybe by manually editing a file?

    Using Aerofly FS2 since today and I'm really impressed. Still a long way to go but it looks already very promising!

  • We assigned Button 2 on the T.16000 to 'change view' as advertised by Thrustmaster. And yes and sorry for this, you cannot un-assign this in the controls menu at the moment, this will be fixed.
    You can clear this assignment by editing the gc-map.mcf file in the My Documents | Aerofly FS 2 folder, it is a simple text file and can be opened with your favorite text editor. Search for a block that contains 'ViewCategory' in the same line as FunctionID, the InputID should be 'Button 2'. Delete the whole block <[channelmap].... > (about 9 lines), and the assignment is gone.