Aerofly FS 2 Flight Dynamics - iPAD/Android vs PC versions...

  • Can the devs give some hint about the major differences between the flight dynamics between the 3 platforms ?

    I assume the same code is used for iOS and Android, but do the models in the PC version get more refined, and in what aspects, if I may ask... ?

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  • The models for the desktop platform are more refined, they have more functionality and use more dynamics simulation blocks than the mobile versions (at the moment).

    However, and that's why I wrote 'at the moment', the core flight and dynamics simulation is the same on all platforms. Fortunately, the mobile processors are fast enough to run the core flight simulation at full speed. While adding all the new features for the desktop platform, we split up the simulation, so we can run some systems at a somewhat lower speed (we don't need to compute the display brightness 1000 times a second). This will allow adding more systems while still being able to run the same simulation on all platforms, so you will eventually see the same flight dynamics and systems simulation on the mobile platforms as well.

    In the long term, there will be no difference between the platforms with respect to the dynamics simulation. However, each platform will have unique features, the mobile platform will have more assistance functions like rudder assist and auto tuning, while the desktop platform will be more configurable, use more computational power for environment simulation and more complex graphics just to name some.