• Gents, I know a couple of developers frequent these boards so I'm looking for one who is interested in doing a quick scenery addition for which I'll offer a small payment as thanks.

    I'm racing the Formula 1 class at the Reno Air Races this September and want to be able to fly to course 'Virtually' on Aerofly to practice my lines, the Hi Res scenery is perfect for this.

    What I'm looking for is someone to add 7 x 50' pylons (6 for the course + home pylon) to mark out the Formula 1 course, and also if possible to increase the power / decrease the drag of the Extra so it tops out around 250mph down the straights as we will be doing.

    If your interested in doing this I can provide the course layout etc, I dont really care what the pylons look like as long as I can spot them from 50'!

    Please message me if your interested i helping out.

    Best Regards