• Hi guys!

    As I'm sure you know I love the VR implementation in AFFS2, It Rocks!:cool:

    The other civilian sim I fly in VR is FS-X with FlyinsideFSX. Fl-FSX has a really nice feature of being able to zoom while in VR. A lot of people (mostly people who don't have VR headsets) think that Zoom inside VR is a really bad idea... (motion sickness etc) But I have no problem with it in FSX at all. It allows me to easily make out detailed gauges etc in the cockpit without having to lean super close and it doesn't feel un-natural once you get used to it. The fact is that current generation VR headsets do not have the kind of resolution you really need for reading all the gauges in a cockpit, so in my eyes zoom is a must have feature. If it makes you feel sick then you can decide not to use it. For a lot of us though as AFFS2 gets more serious and developed zoom in VR is going to be one of the features that will be needed imho.

    The way it works in FI-FSX is that you bind a "Zoom +" and "Zoom -" button and then also a zoom toggle button.. so you can set your zoom level... and then all you need to do is press the zoom toggle button which then toggles between no zoom (default VR view) and your selected zoom level. This is a really nice way of doing it because it means you can find a sweet spot zoom level that works for whatever you want and then you can instantly switch between that and normal view. I think it works brilliantly.

    This is an older video showing what zoom is like in FI-FSX, I'd love to see this in AFFS2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YhDL0lmI7hI