What updates are you working on?

  • I've heard at least of an helicopter and the DR-400.

    Also additional features for airliners, and fine tuning of the presently modelled systems.

    I hope for some nice way to properly set the exact date and time and get the exact Sun and Moon, including phase. This is present in FSX and correctly modelled for ages, with correct daylight / twilight calculations, and also in my good old IFR training tool ELITE IFR. Both these sims will put the exact lighting ( depending on weather factors too ) at a given place an date on Earth, including the Moon position and phase!

    I've tested it in AEFS2 and it appears to me it was done only through a 1 month cycle for a given month of the year ( probably July ? ) , and at the end of each cycle there's a sudden jump of both Moon and Sun positions, as if a rewind to the starting date happens...

    Other civil sims do it miserably, X-Plane included ( a total mess in this regard ) and even Aerowinx PSX where daylight calculations are wrong specially for dusk twilights, and the Moon / Moonlight aren't even modelled ... The only other sim that does it correctly is a combat flight simulator - IL-2 Battle of Stalingrad - which includes a great flight dynamics model ( and overall physics, by far the best among all flight simulators I have ever used, with AEFS2 getting an ex.aequo chance... ) and models these features perfectly, including the proper Moon ephemeris and phase!

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