Improving AFFS2 for Streaming in VR

  • Hi Guys

    I'm actually editing together a AFFS2 video right now which I will post up here fairly shortly, the video is of me flying in VR, so its a shot of me sat there with the rift on and then a capture of the rift mirror window on the other side of the screen. As anybody with the rift will know, currently in AFFS2 the rift mirror window is the incorrect aspect ratio so the view is stretched significantly horizontally. This isn't so much of a problem for a video as I just scale the video horizontally by 66.6% in my video editing program and it looks about right. But what it does mean is that VR users can't really stream they're play because everything looks so warped. Would it be possible to resize the rift mirror window so view isn't so stretched so it would be more streamer friendly? I'd really like to be able to Twitch stream my VR play of AFFS2 but at the moment its just a bit too stretched.:(

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