Slight issues with cockpit shadows in VR

  • There are still some odd things happening with cockpit shadows in VR.

    Load the 737 and fly south east at a time of day where there are bright patches on the cockpit panel (sun shining through the windows)

    As you move your head around , looking at some parts of the illuminated areas, the shadows of the instrument bezels appear and disappear.

    Sometimes the shadows fade but don't disappear completely.

    Once this catches your eye, moving your head slightly back and forth makes the shadows appear and disappear. There's an odd faint "line" which moves across the textures as well. This occurs with both inside and outside views.

    Whats the best way to capture a video whilst in CV1 VR, so I can post an example of what I'm describing? I tried using the microsoft game capture but it complained that there was nothing to capture.

  • This is just how the AFFS2 engine deals with shadows.. Things that are closer to the camera get high resolution shadows and once it gets a certain distance away from the camera the quality is stepped down a bit. This is one of the reasons AFFS2 runs so well is because of optimisations like this. In an airliner cockpit that distance can be close enough that its not even at the other side of the cockpit. Adjusting your shadow setting in graphics seems to affect how close this distance is.. The higher the setting the further out the high detail area gets pushed.

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  • Thanks Cavendish, that explains why I see the shadow detail change in some cases.

    This happens inside the cockpit, close to the flight panels, and only in certain sections of the cockpit.

    So a cockpit which has a few bright sections (illuminated by the sun coming through the windows) has one bright patch which gains and loses the shadows as you rotate your head in VR, but other bright sections remain constant. It seems like a little more tweaking may be required.

    Not a huge issue, but still noticeable in VR in the 737 cockpit.