Give us some feedback IPACS.... :-)

  • Hey jcomm,

    If you read the second pinned topic in this part of the forum, there is your answer:…ng-Early-Access

    We have sent out the scenery SDK for evaluation and we are adding final touches to the aircraft SDK. As described we are expanding the system complexity and prepare new aircraft and airports. If you take a look at our Facebook page ( you will see what kind of aircraft you can expect in the future. They will be released when they are finished of course and not in an unusable state.

    Complex aircraft like the Q400, A380 or 777 take a lot of time to set up. Not only does it require quite a lot of work to create the visuals and get the look of the materials realistically and give the model the correct shape; the implementation of the systems, rendering of the displays and functionality of each switch in the flightdeck is also quite a time consuming task. Because we want to maintain the high quality of our product we won't rush through this process. So please be patient, we are preparing new content even though we are not contantly writing about that.

    I hope this gives you more insight into what we are doing right now.