Terrible stutter 3440*1440

  • Hi

    I just purchased Aerofly FS 2 after following the development for some time. I have been using MSFS for + 15 years and I figure it is time for something new and by the looks of Aerofly FS 2 it really is getting there fast! Big congratulations to the developers for this.

    Anyway, on to my question. I have a 3440*1440 monitor and an alienware x51 computer with a moderate nvidia graphics card. Its not the latest and greatest system (2 years) but it can run MSFS smooth even with very high settings. The computer also has a HD graphics "junk" card. I have several SAITEK panels connected as well as saitek yoke, rudder pedals (and 6 FIP gauges although not compatible yet) My problem is that Aerofly FS 2 stutters rather bad, freezes for halv a second quite often. I have tried various graphics settings, limiting the framerate etc but the stutter remains. Could the monitor be the main problem here, although in MSFS it does not really influence performance that much.


  • Perhaps it has something to do with Aerofly using my crappy HD video card instead of the Nvidia. If so can you force Windows to use the Nvidia card somehow?

    Usually if a PC has two graphics cards installed (i.e. an on-board, motherbased one and a separate better performance one), the on-board one is usually disabled via the BIOS in order to force the motherboard to use the separate one.

  • Apparently clouds is the main problem here. Without any I get totally stutter free scenery environment. With even a few tiny clouds in the sky the situation change drasically to the worse, is there a way to reduce resolution on the clouds perhaps? Or do the clouds need better optimization perhaps. Funny this is that this is never a problem for me in FSX or P3D with even a broken or overcast sky coverage. What is it with your clouds? :)