You did it guys!!

  • When I posted my "first impression" comment, I honestly did not think that IPACS would turn towards VR as well as they did..
    Many of us begged for VR support but guys, you did it sooooo well..
    I can not believe how much detail you crafted into the modeling at the first place. I would have never notice that on the largest monitor ever. I really love just exploring all these little things around the cockpit in VR.
    The play of light, normal maps, textures, amount of detail, awesome work!! Thank you for that IPACS and for those still considering whether or not to buy VR set: GO AHEAD, DO IT, IT'S WICKED!!

    As per future updates, I would like to mention few points:

    -Direct sound through Oculus headphones without need to switch devices..
    -Cockpit gauges have kind of very rich reflection on the "cover" glass which is little bit disturbing.
    -Mechanical sounds for flaps, brakes, touch down etc..
    -Exterior lights, plane illuminating ground and night ground textures for cities.
    -More "real" functions like engine mixture, cold start, ATC etc..

    I'm sure you have most of these on the list already so I will just wish you good luck here and thank you again..
    I have to say for me, Aerofly FS 2 has now grown full potential to become an equal alternative to our best flight sims and I'm very proud to be part of it's birth..

    Over and out

    Over and Out