Extra spin dynamics wrong if aileron is applied

  • Just did a few spin tests with the Extra and found out that there's apparently a basic error in the FM.
    IRL aileron input does have an effect in the Extra as it slowes/accelerates the spin.
    In the Aerofly FS2 Extra applying opposite aileron in a stabilized spin reverses! the spin direction despite continuos full rudder deflection, something aerodynamically impossible IRL.

  • What exactly do you mean? With ailerons in the stall the Extra should either spin faster or slower and as far as I know the Extra should still do that in the Aerofly FS 2... Our real world Extra 330 LX pilot made sure that is behaves exactly how it should and I remember setting up the spin the way that he described... (I'll ask him again if anything changed about that)



  • If you e.g. are in a stable spin to the left with full up elevator and full left rudder and you apply full right aileron the spin direction reverses and the Extra will spin to the right despite full left rudder application.