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    We can do much better than Ezdok I think, e.g. we can actually make the aircraft shake, not just the camera, we can make the mouse cursor stay above a certain clickspot, so even when everything vibrates, your cursor will maintain over the element for easier interaction. And we could also define camera presets, those that every ezdok user defines for themselves: Camera down to fms/mcdu, pfd + nd, radio stack, overhead, etc, etc. So I'd say no to that idea, I would rather like to have the core features of Ezdok and all the other great add-ons implemented in Aerofly directly. The user shouldn't need to install external tools that can break or get outdated, like in FSX. Then you have to do a checklist to start the simulator, so you don't forget a thing.

    The philosphie of the Aerofly FS 2 is: start sim, press fly. And that in a matter of seconds, not minutes.
    And I don't want another "FSX": start ezdok, start active sky next, start what ever else you need, start fsx, start with default aircraft, change time of day, change aircraft (and wait for it to load its systems properly), configure active sky, configure ground services, configure your atc tool(s) or set multiplayer services, then release parking brake, finally fly...
    And you also need to manually manage all these tools. They get updates that you have to download and install, each has their own way of installing itself, you have to browse to find the location of your simulator on the dis... its just so much pain...

    There has to be a better way that makes add-on developers, customers and us IPACS developers happy. It would great if the Add-on developers could contribute default engine code that is then unlocked by the users purchase for example. That would mean every user could customize which parts of the simulator he would like to pay for and that the selected features would get or be installed automatically without any additional work like taking care of updates or manually starting the tools before the simulator start.

    So yeah that's my opinion on that.


  • So yeah that's my opinion on that.

    Oh my... I like that opinion a LOT!!! :D Sounds totally awesome to me!

    I don't have P3D installed anymore due to computer problems and last week I thought about reinstalling it but the idea alone of everything I would have to reinstall... P3D, FTX Global, FTX Norway, ASN, ProATC/X, Aerosoft Airbus, Navigraph... and all that to only get started... and all this needs their own updates, upgrades, patches, settings, options, tweaks, cfg's, ini's... so hell yeah, I do like your opinion a LOT!!!

  • I really wish this forum had a 'like' button on posts, there are some great ideas and opinions coming through thick and fast.

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    I really wish this forum had a 'like' button on posts, there are some great ideas and opinions coming through thick and fast.

    Yes, I had that idea as well. Would be nice to have that allthough one could also argue that actual number of responses (comments) would go down. Pinning or marking important comments would be also great options. Happy to hear that you like it :D

  • Seems like an awful long list of things to be added is building up. Kudos if you can actually do it all. :cool:

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    Well actually our own list already has been very very long for quite some time, since everyone in the team who is working full time on the Aerofly FS 2 eventually comes up with a lot of great ideas for it. That's why I write we have it on our todo list or wishlist and not: I'm going to add it ;) But don't hesitate and keep the ideas coming, that way we will be able to "widen" our picture of the feature we planned and can consider more personal tastes and give the best end-product for everyone.