Controls profiles..

  • Hey boys and.. boys:)

    Here's another idea of mine that would make our lives much easier.
    As we have many different aircrafts in this beautiful sim I was wondering if IPACS could implement an option to save individual controls assignments to a custom profiles. We could then load these profiles to have best control over chosen aircraft.
    For example with Saitek TPM module, I prefer to fly single props in a way this module was designed. However flying 737 gives this module great advantage to control each engine individually with (P) & (M) levers, leaving the (T) for spoilers.
    This is very comfortable set-up for 737 by the way, but having to reassign these controls every time I want to change aircraft is just a little bit pesky..

    Once again, thank you for awesome sim IPACS

    Over and out.

    Over and Out