Graphics cards in VR 980Ti excellent!

  • In one of my posts, someone suggested that my Asus Strix Nvidia 980Ti was dated! Nonsense! I only bought the card last spring and I have NO desire to replace it. In VR FS2 runs VERY smooth, even with a higher detail setting! I am very happy with its performance. I have a fast CPU, RAM and a fast SSD. My PC is clear of junk, and start-up junk. Overclocked, and optimised. My PC system would give a 1080 GPU system a chase, and may overtake a junked up and under-clocked PC. You would hardly notice the difference!

  • While i'm sure you're system is excellent, a 980Ti is nowhere near a 10 series card when it comes to VR.

    There are things that 10 series cards can do in VR that are simply impossible with a 9 series card. As more and more sims/games come to support VR properly the performance difference will become much more apparent as developers take advantage of the new VR architecture that 10 series cards allow.

    It is however good to hear that AFFS runs so nicely for you in VR. Personally I noticed a MASSIVE improvement in VR performance from a 970 to a 1070 and that has been across the board with all VR applications. Less noticeable with just normal 2D gaming though.

  • After the spring GPU purchase, and the Rift and Touch, no more spare funds. Maybe in 6 months time I will think about it, and maybe the 1100 series cards will be out. It was annoying that about 1 month after my 980Ti purchase the 10 series came out! You just can't keep up with all the new technology, unless you are rich. I'm not, so a newer card is off for some time.

  • I could only dream of a 980Ti! I'm using a GTX 670 in AFFS with CV1 and it is very, very nice. What improvement would I notice going to a 1070? Other than a thinner wallet? ;)

    From a GTX 670 to 1070 would be a massive leap, absolutely huge. It would be difficult for me to quantify but some people are seeing VR improvements of up to 2x with the 1070 over a 970, although I don't think the difference is quite that big in AFFS but certainly in other VR titles. I certainly gained a lot of performance. I can now pretty much max the sim out and run the pixel ratio a 2x which looks amazing once down sampled onto a Rift.