I'll do it my way!

  • R-44 or 66 would even beat it.
    How about the AS350 NBC painting or channel7, or the cops, or oh my god: The Coast guard??
    Heliport 42nd.
    moving ground traffic would be nice too. day and night.
    omg,omg, i am turning over :)) help me!!!

    gotta upgrade my hardware now, no more excuses.

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  • Looks great in daylight, any street lights at night? I remember the original pay scenery for MSFS Washington DC, it had a huge array of street lights at night, it was fairly simple but it was the best night lighting I ever saw in MSFS.
    Still see shotgun sprayed autogen trees, on the runway over-run end in this video.
    Some water lighting improvement would be nice, more visually impressive than dynamic (? overscale) moving waves.
    I'll get it without delay, have been on iOS and Android for the past month or so. Really nice work.

  • Looks great in daylight, any street lights at night?
    Still see shotgun sprayed autogen trees

    suggest however, is a somewhat larger concentration of buildings around the airports
    ..............need some streetlamps, airport floodlights, taxiway lights.......

    Indeed, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens seem very dark at night.
    I can see their great work on the moonlight and the stars, but i'd prefer the noisy downtown light circus that it is in real life.
    Hopefully this content becomes lively one day. Some main modules are overdue too.

    I think the devs are aware of these requirements,
    but they currently put their forces into benchmarking graphics and physics by a clean and well performing code
    to attract 3rd party developers.

    Buying 3d-content from the NY-land dev authoritiy would have been a timely shortcut,
    but at what cost.

    The gap (to full content) reveals how hard it is to wow! the market
    (fulfilling the content expectations of demanding users as well as Co-Developers)
    versus developping and following a strong longterm business strategy.

    We have to trust their intuitions in being different, they do well in that field,
    and they obviously achieve fabulous technical results.

    In order to run a complete flight sim, what would be needed is a full commitment to this objective.
    Primarily on the business line.

    So, for the moment we (the consumers) take NYC as a great christmas gift, thank you devs, thank you.
    Never got a better deal in my life for as little as 10 bugs.
    Yes, we have been trained in patience, but we don't forget how absolutely fabulous (can not express this hard enough) your graphics and game performance are.

    I hope 2017 will be your year, and ours.

  • I think the devs are aware of these requirements,
    but they currently put their forces into benchmarking graphics and physics by a clean and well performing code
    to attract 3rd party developers.

    Do you think that outside developers might prefer to work with flight simulators which do not arbitrarily deny or even deliberately disable manual nav-aid selection? Aero looks great but a serious simulation needs much more than that.

  • The corporate obsession with re inventing aeronautical navigation is an enormous handicap. They stick with bizarre ideas and eventually it becomes annoying. The degradation of the 737 nav-aids for so called 'VNAV' is simply exasperating.
    I have been using iOS and Android since the first iOS FS 2 beta and have not felt any desire to go back near PC since. Dumb routes with unselectable frequency jumping VORs and guess the NDBs in use is worse than unrewarding! Having nonsense NAV 1s displayed on route finals with a magic ILS in-actual-use frequency parachuted into a corner of a nav display is actually hostile to enthusiasts who have learned serious flight-simming or those who have even used real nav-aids seriously. The route 'L/VNAV' thing is presumably why interesting instrument procedures such as Buchanan 19's offset localiser have been disabled, ? a distraction to an Aero 'L/VNAV' straight-in 'ROUTE' route that is 'better' than what is out in the real world.
    Things might have improved and this anti-realism scenario might be well out of date as I have not used PC FS 2 for so long that I have missed 2 updates.
    There is some justification in giving beginners a big helping hand and mobile phone display limitations restrict what sort of interface is made available in mobile.
    PC is out since May and surely by now a nod could have been made towards offering universal basic manual nav-aids in this much more sophisticated format?
    This can be dismissed as a rant but it comes from concern that my favourite sim for many years is in real danger of being left behind in the sim market that is showing a remarkable revival. Remember that FS and AF2 and AF1 launched in the post MSFS world when the only popular sim was old XPlanes with an crude and ugly interface, it is very different sim world now.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year :cool:

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    Hello Overloaded,

    the reason why the 737 has automatically tuned radio navigation is mainly because of the mobile version where you can't simply adjust the radio frequencies. Because we don't want to create separate aircraft for mobile and PC (yes they are running on the same engine and also use the same aircraft definition files, including the autotuning feature) the Boeing 737 has autotuning for now. We are aware that this isn't very realistic and we will change that behavior in the future.

    (late) Merry Christmas and a happy new year!