Segments of blurred scenery

  • Just bought your product and so far am impressed. One comment though and it may only be me that sees it.
    I was flying over Grand Canyon and noticed that some segments of the scenery below were blurred where most of the scenery was in superb resolution.
    I also notice that the below scenery in Switzerland becomes blurred the higher you go. I was flying the Cessna 172 at about 7000 ft when all the textures were not in focus. My previous sims FSX and P3D rarely gave me this issue but would appear blurry if I was in a jet, but never a slow moving GA plane. It is like the GPU cannot keep up with the scenery loading. Normally if I paused the sim the scenery would then start to appear in it's correct resolution and I could continue, but never in a slow GA plane.This pausing has no effect in FS2.
    What I cannot figure out is why one section for example of Grand Canyon is being displayed in all it's glory, while the next "tile" alongside is blurry but the near distant "tiles" are back to full res.
    I attach a not very good pic, but I hope it shows in general what I am talking about. The front of the pic clearly shows the cliff front in full res but just behind is blurred.

  • The image is so far 'ok'. At some parts we switch to a lower resolution aerial image to save space. Did you download the High resolution texture pack already? Its free from Steam.

    The other issue you describe is not normal, can you show images of this? Also, please provide us with your PC specifications.

  • Thanks for your quick response. If the pic is "OK" then that is good.
    I am downloading the HiRes now but unfortunately it will take 2 days to download due to my internet service !
    When I bought FS2 from Steam I ticked for all the DLCs but it did not download the HiRes only the NE US and Switzerland DLC.
    Regarding mt blurred Switzerland, this is random because I just flew an airliner from Zurich and all was good. I then exited the flight and tried a flightplan Zurich to Logarno and the scenery was blurred for quite a while then came into view correctly.
    My specs are not great but here they are:
    i7 at 4.6, GTX 780 with 3MB mem. X97 M Board. 16 Gig Mem

  • Hi, new here, Nice flight-sim!!
    I'm in VR so verry happy.

    I just wanted to ask a question about it too, I had two question though.
    Why is Sion completely empty? No buildings, nothing.

    Maybe the two things are related, I took the first photo in the neighbourhood of Sion and the second
    at Sion itself.
    [Blocked Image:]

    [Blocked Image:]

    Groet Dree

  • All images shown here are ok. Right at the swiss border, we switch to a much lower resolution as we do not have any aerial images for this reason. We might extend this in the future.

    As far as Sion concerns, we have not fully modelled this airport and surrounding buildings, again, we might add more in the future.