Just because FS2 works

  • Looking at retirement I bought a new PC. My old one was hopelessly slow for FSX and now having discovered FS2 I am amazed with the detail and frame rates. Having invested heavily in FSX over the years though I just had to reload it. FSX told me my joystick was not connected even though it works fine with FS2! Downloaded latest Thrustmaster drivers and fixed that problem. Next I had to import my FTX purchases from the flightsim store into Orbx and use their service to update and register my products. That cost me about 100 dollars for re purchasing the products I downloaded and lost registration details for.

    All is working now but I do wonder how the FS2 and Orbx partnership is going to work. I do wish al my FSX sceneries were available for FS2 :p

  • I think a lot of people are wondering.

    And also about what they will do with X-plane; not to mention DTFS and P3D-64, whenever that arrives.

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  • The fact that ORBx have made the decision to support AeroFly FS2 at all is a big plus as far as I am concerned. You can't really argue that the quality of their extended airport packages in FSX/P3D is second to none, so I am keen to see what they can do for this simulator.

  • It makes a lot of sense to work with OrbX, they have the expertise and back catalogue there already and it would be pointless to just duplicate all their work. IPACS can concentrate manpower on the game engine and features, and building up the reputation of the core game.
    There are so many brilliant aircraft developers out there too, it would be nice to see some more deals done with the likes of A2A etc to open up the whole system.

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