Getting the Aerofly FS 2 SDK ( Software Development Kit )

  • Dear Aerofly user,

    if you are interested in creating your own airplane or scenery objects or if you intend to read and send back simulation data using a Windows DLL, you can download our SDK right here:…rofly-fs-2-sdk/

    We do require an email registration in this forum as the SDK is subject to change and we would like to inform all users of changes that might no longer be backward compatible.

    Please note, that besides our SDK you also need either Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 to develop your own DLLs or one of the 3D modelling tools 3D Studio Max 2012 or newer or Maxon Cinema 4D 2016 or newer.

    We also support AC3D Version 8 for creating your own airplanes. A sample AC3D file of the DR400 airplane is included.

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