¿como comprar aerofly fs-2?

  • Soy nuevo en este foro, pero llevo años volando con el Aerofly FS, y estoy muy satisfecho con ese juego, pese a sus enormes limitaciones para navegar.

    Ahora me dispuse a comprar la "Generación siguiente: FS-2", pero me encuentro con la dificultad de que solo se puede pedir (y descargar) a través de Steam, y además, despúes de haberlo pedido y facilitar la tarjeta de crédito para pagarlo, un mensaje del sistema, me anuncia que no está disponible en español. Bueno, eso sería lo de menso en mi caso. Me sorprende que no den la posibilidad de bajarlo en inglés. ¿Alguien sabe como hacerlo?. En caso afirmativo, le ruego me lo indique.
    Un saludo. Delfin

  • Hi
    you should check English as a Secondary Language under the Language Preference of your Steam account
    If you have only spanish as Language you can't select games that don't have that Language
    When I had Italian as my only language i couldn't buy this game so I added english as secondary

    Guido Mazzei

    Rome, Italy

  • Thank you very much, Guido, another question: I understand that the download of this game, lasts many hours. I ask you: you downloaded it ?. Do you remember how many hours in the download?
    You are satisfied with that game
    Back from Spain, thanks

  • Hi
    I downloaded this product from my steam account , the download took about 2,5 hours (mean speed around 3,5 MB/sec)
    Then another 4 for the HD free download
    The game runs well, but for me the photoreal is very good only above some altitude, for very slow and low vfr flights the textures lack definition and the autogen is poor

  • Hello guido

    1º) .- First, tell me: What do you understand better to read, Spanish or English ?.
    2º) .- Once again you have provided me with valuable information to buy this flight simulator. Once downloaded, is it any special difficulty to configure it on the computer to start flying?
    3º) .- For the videos I have seen on the internet, the FS-2 definition, is a little better than the FS-1 (Aerofly FS-1). Is it so ?. Of course, you will only know if you have the previous game.
    3rd) .- My real desire is to buy this game to see it in V.R. (Virtual Reality), but I wish it were a bit more advanced in its development since now, many of the instruments I think do not work. Do you have any flying experience with the V.R glasses?

    Once again, thank you for your valuable information