VRCover - New Rift CV1 Facial Interface - May Increase FOV somewhat

  • I have a DK2 so I can't try this but if anyone who flies FS2 in VR with a CV1 and does get this, please report and give your review. It may increase the Field of View somewhat and perhaps increase clarity as well as move any godrays to the periphery. Comfort may be better as well.


    Here is the actual webpage to order it for $49USD:

  • I'm very happy with it and can recommend this alternative interface. Increases fov slightly indeed, nice for flight sims and other applications. Comfort is great, as well as cleanability. Haven't used the 'thick' replacement yet, only the slim one.

    Don't see any downsides to be honest. The nose gap is ever so slightly bigger, though you could fix that if it bothers you.

  • Dionos ,
    Thanks for the quick review!! Did you notice any change in the clarity (ability to read the instrument panel ) and how about godrays being moved to the periphery (maybe you don't really notice that with Aerofly FS2 anyway).
    Can you even estimate roughly the increase in FOV - maybe 10%? How long can you fly before getting tired of having the CV1 on your face? What Render Scale Factor do you use - 1.5 or better?

    Thanks again!


  • I can't really tell if the clarity/readability has improved. There doesn't seem to be a reason for that either. I still find some text on panels a bit too small to read. I didn't change the Render Scale Factor though , so perhaps that might help.

    As for god rays, they disturb me less than in the beginning. That might also be because I got used to the artifact. Anyway, in Aerofly godrays were never a problem for me.

    Estimating fov increase in percentages is a bit too tricky. It has noticeably increased (that is, you're likely to notice it the first time you try the new interface), but it's only a very small difference.

    Wearing the CV1 doesn't really tire me in Aerofly. I can fly just as long as I would like to fly on a regular monitor. So comfort is fine!