I can not fly on new york

  • No,
    there is no conflict between aerofly FS and aerofly FS2.
    I suppose you didn't fly aerofly FS for a while.

    The reason is windows update. This changed the parameters for the registration key of aerofly FS.
    Fortunately this is different with aerofly FS 2.
    Please ask for a new registration key, try info@ikarus.net or search for a direct support mail address.

  • I also have FS, mine is from steam and I choose to copy the reg' to the scratchpad or whatever the Windows temporary storage thing is called. FS then can start automatically.

    Have you had the same problem as I did with "FS1"?

    Could you please describe in more detail (step by step), the sequence of operations you have performed to resolve that "conflict" between the two SIMs?

    I wait your answer:

    Kind regards: Delfin

  • I have heard and read that the quality of the Pimax headsets is bad, that their support is worse, and that the help they provide after the sale is disastrous. Also very difficult and cumbersome the implementation of headset. Also, that the 4 K UHD 3D virtual reality. that promise, really get reduced to 2 K. for each eye. Does anyone have any serious information about the operation of this company, especially related to VR?

    Regards: Delfin


    It just happened to me: now that the whole sim, was working perfectly, including the DLC of Utah, there was an incident that again I was like at first: the airports of New York disappeared, (well, there was only one: "Morristown Muni ") and absolutely all of Utah, and the textures corresponding to their respective surfaces.

    I wonder, what strange circumstance has occurred, so that this airport has not disappeared like all the others?

    I checked on Steam, and it tells me the three DLCs installed, which total = 118.45 GB. And the free space on Hard Disk = 98.3 GB. These data were prior to the incident. Now are these others: all three DLCs =18.45 GB, however, the free space on the hard disk = 130.17 GB.

    It is clear that these numbers given by Steam are not correct (and, in addition, they are contradictory). If the SIM still occupies 118.45 GB, the free space on the hard drive can not increase.

    However, I repeat: neither airports appear in both DLCs, nor their surface is textures. The only airport that remained in N. York, I flew and landed on it, which is in the middle of a completely diffuse surface (no texture, only the track and the surface on which the buildings sit). The absence of texture, is exactly as in the beginning: no streets, no buildings, no rivers, no trees ... NOTHING !.

    The two images that accompany, prove what I affirm

    I am squeezing the brain with great intensity, to see if I remember a click that I did involuntarily, and that is the cause of this setback.

    I need your experience and inspiration; I need answers or at least questions to be able to continue investigating this setback.

    Regards: Delfin

    P.D. I loaded the FS 2, not from Steam, but from the icon on the desktop of the computer and then, I could see that the airports of N. York were missing. That alarmed me. Immediately, I suspected that other DLCs might also be missing, and indeed all of Utah's were missing.

    However, I suppose that was not the cause. So, what is the cause?

  • Hi Delfin,

    No Idea why you have all these problems with your sim but I suggest you verify the integrity of your local files using steam.

    Open steam.

    Find FS2 in the game list, Right click and go all the way to the bottom and click "properties"

    This will open a new window with various tabs at the top, go to the 3rd tab along named "local files"

    You should have 5 buttons vertically, the 4th button down is "Verify Integrity of Game Files" Click this.

    It will now go through and double check you have all the files you are meant to have. This will take some time (probs about an hour) but you should get a message at the end saying "All Files Successfully Validated" or telling you how many files and what files were re-downloaded and replaced.

    Hope this helps.

    Honestly it sounds like your hard drive might be doing strange things. When did you last defragment the drive and do a drive health check?


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  • Helo Cav.

    It is a pleasure to follow your precise and rigorous instructions. I see that you know (and apply) "pedagogy."

    I followed your instructions but it took a long time. As I have very little time for family problems, I thought there had to be a simpler and faster way to detect the disappearance of those files. So while Stem was exploring the archives, ("Verify Integrity of Game Files") I went to the root directory and searched for the folders corresponding to the missing DLC files (New York and Utah).

    In fact, the image I send proves that the files have disappeared (except Morristown Muni airport in New York).

    Well, now I have to download them again. I acknowledge that the previous times, I did but no method and, honestly, I do not know very well how I did it. There has to be a correct procedure; Can you tell me what it is?

    What ... How long has it not defragment the hard drive ?. Quite, but honestly, I do not know. Maybe more than 2 years.

    For all your detailed and precise help, once again, Thank you very much, Cav


  • Delfin,

    there is something completely wrong with your system.
    Why is morristown a subfolder of somerset?
    It looks like the folders are displaced.


    It should look like this:

  • Hello Cav
    Of course, at the end there were many missing files. Click again in New Yorrk and Utah and again were unloaded. Everything works now.

    However, after downloading and seeing that everything works fine, I repeated the operation again (since I never did), ie: "Verify Integrity of Game Files"; At the end of the verification, again indicated the following:

    Validated Steam files = 100% completed
    45 files failed to validate and will be readquired.

    What does this mean ?, because, nor downloaded those files, (which I understand should do it automatically) and the sim in appearance, works correctly.

    That situation I found after disappearing the airports of my sim. The folders were as seen on that list. Now (after downloading again) it have this aspect of the image, and apparently it is correct. I'm wrong?

    To both, thank you very much for your interest and help.

    Regards; Delfin

  • Hello Rodeo:

    Yes, the directory structure is correct.
    Of Course: all airports are in New York, and everything works properly.
    Thank you for your analysis, your exposure and interest in solving my difficulties.

    Regards: Delfin