SDK Photoreal Scenery Imagery

  • @IPACS,
    Don't know where you are on providing an aerial imagery-to-FS2 scenery converter but I wanted to make sure you are aware of a great way for us users to at least provide the image(s) (1 meter or maybe 0.5 meter/pixel) and accurate lat-lon corner points.

    Take a look at the FSEarthTiles tool that I have been using for years with FSX/P3D. It produces a BMP orthophoto with accurate corner lat/lons using Virtual Earth imagery with 0.5meter or better resolution - and less resolution for bigger areas than an airport. For FSX/P3D it actually makes the scenery file but I would think that IPACS can add an SDK converter that can take that BMP with the coordinates and make FS2 scenery. The FSET tool actually can produce a water mask and "night" textures (makes a rough guess at roads and building edges) as well as seasonal textures. It is an older freeware and can currently be found from the following:…ation-de-fsearthtiles-1-3