Scenery objects library ?

  • Dear IPACS team,

    Sure now that we are able to repaint some of your fabulous aircrafts using your SDK, Aerofly FS2 will become my number one !!!

    But comes to me now a question : as I fly only over Switzerland, I would be able - like it was the case in FSX - to enhance some of your airport, by using some of your very nice scenery objects like old military grass hangars (like in Ulrichen, or Raron) to place them in more locations where in reality more are still located. It would be very easy if Aerofly FS2 has some kind of "scenery objects Library", and if it is possible to edit scenery files by placing such objects using some kind of codes that "call" these objects in a Library. Is that possible ? Doing that with chalets, hangars, old barracks and trees could improve incredibly some RWY approachs or surrounds....Thx in advance for your help and kind reply.

    Once again, you are doing a wonderful job, and we are more and more hard fs-simmers and programmers believing in your incredible simulator.

    Best regards from Switzerland