More communication from IPACS please

  • Dear IPACS,

    Please update us more often on what is going on! It has been almost 4 months since the last Facebook post. And the forum is nearly silent. One of your main competitors is very active in Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. And they have a thriving community forum. They use it to build hype for upcoming features and to connect with users. To be honest, you risk losing your mobile audience when you don't communicate. For instance, you teased the 777 months ago with no word since. You even teased a Robinson helicopter years(?) ago with nothing since.

    A concerned but dedicated user

  • The Dash was due to be published before the end of last year and that didn't happen. I understand delays and unforeseen circumstances can happen but it would be nice to have even a monthly update post. I love AF2 - helping out with testing and spreading the word on forums and YouTube videos but it is much harder to do this with no content updates to share.
    I'm also off to Las Vegas in June so hoping to get the Nevada region on mobile before then! ;)

    • Official Post

    The Dash was due to be published before the end of last year and that didn't happen.

    Ehm, no, we never specified when exactly, because we never publish any release dates. I teased the Q400 because at that time it looked like the release wouldn't take much longer. But other items on our very long todo list got more important and we decided to invest more time in the Q400, to improve on the sound we had so far and on the engine physics, namely turboprop engine and beta range.

    I agree, a monthly update post would be great, though we can't always write on what we are working on since it's release might be quite far in the future. Not all features we work on now will make it into the next couple releases, so there is no point mentioning it, especially if people confuse a "what we are working on" post with a "what will be in the next updates" post.

    Of course on some degree we need to publish what we are working on or what we will fix or update in the future.
    This roadmap:…ng-Early-Access
    still holds. In fact, I am currently working on the autopilot's LNAV/VNAV functionality, as mentioned before. And we will continue adding more complexity as well.

    In terms of mobile version, I think IPACS has mentioned here before that we will keep developing for the mobile market. Since there are no differences between the aircraft on mobile and the aircraft on PC all things that we add in will also be added to the mobile versions.




  • Thanks Jan, any update is welcome. I just looked back and the details on the Q400 were in an email from the developers, not actually posted on the site. I guess I, presumably like many others, thought an update for mobile would have followed shortly after which hasn't been the case. I guess it is all a product of producing a very good flight sim, we crave updates.