Has anyone put in a plane successfully?

  • Ureka....! All parts in the simulator.

    My thanks to Wunsch (Michael) for help and diagnostics. Max materials were usually to blame. These Materials MUST be in 'standard' Max format. Different Materials will crash the Converter. Check your TM.Log (tm.log) for 'errors'. I was checking the end of the log for errors. My last couple of errors were on the front of the log, at the top. Run 'Find' (control F) and enter Error, and you should find your issues when having export issues.

    Nothing animated yet. Working on that now, which means its own new TMD and TMC, which is not going to be easy.

  • This is much easier.
    Please download these 2 instructions:

    Rodeo, in this case, I wish to put all my texture packs in the same folder as my plane. The plane resides in the 'My Documents.....airplanes' location, but would possibly be a release in the future, so I would need to bundle my textures into my main plane folder. There must be a way to integrate all my repaints 'with' my original folder, like the folders are for the Aerofly fleet.

  • ...I have imported my MB326 and T45 models... and set a couple of animations. Lot of work to do, and no time...still they look good.
    I am having some problems with the materials rendering - diffuse maps look OK - but the rest seem non existent.

    Nice work, Dino!

    Just trying to get a TMD running presently now.
    Animations are a whole new world here. :S I do not know how I am going to do a gear door that opens, waits, then closes.

    Looks awesome in the sim, man! Congrats!

    I used to be able to cheat, getting parts to animate and 'fit' by making slight changes to their trajectories when animating. I do not think this can happen here.

  • The landing door animation has to run off a sequence. Honestly, just look at the existing airplanes and copy paste their code.

    Firstly you need a "Sequence" servo that dictates the speed of the entire animation (slowly moves from 0.0 to 1.0 if the input is 1.0 and moves back to 0.0 if the input is 0.0). Then all doors and gear movements are just functions of that sequence. We use linear-interpolations a lot, here is an example:

    open the doors from sequence position 0.0 to 0.1 from the full close 0.0 to the full open 1.0 position. Then hold that position until the sequence reaches 0.9 or something, then the output drops back to 0.0:

    <[tmvector2d][Map][ (0.0 0.0) (0.1 1.0) (0.9 1.0) (1.0 0.0) ]>

    The gear would then travel from 0.0 to 1.0 (fully extended) between the sequence position 0.1 and 1.0:

    <[tmvector2d][Map][ (0.0 0.0) (0.1 0.0) (0.9 1.0) (1.0 1.0) ]>

    You can plot these "Mappings" on a two dimensional plane, those are x and y axis, x being the input (progression of the sequence) and y is the partial deflection angle of the gear or gear lid.
    In the graphics you then define the angle of the gear lid (AngleMax in radiant); -
    Physical deflections of the gear (has effect on wheels position, therefoer isn't just a graphical animation) is done by the jointlinear Rotation0Angle for example...)