Elevators Animating Backwards

  • Hey all,

    My elevators are animating backwards. Down is up and up is down. How might I reverse this?

    HingedBody sections;

    Rudder Input Output section;

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    Hi, either flip the sign of AngleMax or flip the sign of the axis, which I have done in the code below:

    I removed two Axis parameters that you have because they are obsolete and just add confusion when you as a human want to understand what is going on.

    I also removed the AngleMax parameter because there is no difference between the physical deflection by the actuator (ServoElevator) and the displayed deflection in the graphics section.

    And I also removed the Shift parameter that you don't need. Shift would be used to move the model by an offset but I don't know of any Aerofly FS 2 aircraft that actually uses that. We use translations but not the fixed "Shift".


  • Hey Jan,

    That worked! But I do not understand why. Either the AngleMax was confusing the sim, or all three axis' and AngleMax were confusing the sim.

    When I first got the elevators animated, they worked proper. After animating ailerons and flaps, the elevators flipped. Thanks for the heads up on those bits of information.

    Elevators and flaps are now proper! A thousand thanks...