HiRes, Bump Mapped Runways Preliminary Development

  • I wasn't satisfied with the quality of my Pt. Mugu scenery runways that were just aerial imagery even though the resolution was supposed to be 0.25 meters per pixel. so I created a runway model with AC3D on top of the image and added some higher resolution (one pixel equals 0.4 foot or so) imagery - that looks pretty good but I also wanted to try bump mapping on top of that so I figured that out a little and wanted to show a picture of the result for you scenery developers to consider. I think that the "concrete bumps" are overdone right now but I will keep trying different image noise with GIMP.

    First image is just straight aerial imagery, no model:

    Then the model with higher resolution imagery:

    Then with bump mapping:


  • Very nice Dave.
    This is indeed an improvement.

    I began to mess around with similar water layers to make the water look more realistic in-game. I've been trying different bump mapping and specular effects. I'll post some shots of my progress soon.

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  • Ray and others,
    The new version (I call it VerA04) with the improved runway 3-21 is available now from the User Scenery area. The bump mapping only exists at the beginning of Rwy 21 and could be removed by the user by simply deleting the xxx_normal.ttx file. Let me know of any ideas for improvement.