A transparent material used for static aircraft canopies in AC3D doesn't work in FS2

  • Not sure if there is a more correct technique for this but if I try to use a material exclusively for semi-transparent canopies in AC3D and then import that aircraft into user created scenery, the canopy isn't transparent - usually a solid opaque color, and gives off a bright blue color from certain viewing angles. Did I miss the memo?



  • Hi Dave,
    where are you placing the transparent objects in the hierarchy? transparent objects must be last in the AC3D hierarchy from what I can remember.

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  • I moved the transparent canopies to the very last of the hierarchy (kind of questionable to break out subobjects of all the aircraft and place them by themselves) and the result is that the canopies are opaque but at least not bright blue. As you circle around them, the color might shift somewhat. Either the transparency from AC3D materials is not supported by FS2 (Content converter??) or some other weirdness.