Aerofly FS1 “Discus bM” to Aerofly FS2 | How to add it?

  • One last point about the clouds in Condor is that they are dynamic. It creates an interesting situation when you are flying up a valley in the mountains and you see the clouds moving in and closing off your way out if you can't get over the pass. If condor had scenery as good as Switzerland in Aerofly FS it would be the top simulator for glider pilots.

    Regards, Eric

  • In regard to gliders, simpler models without flaps are already interesting enough. I think most glider pilots would love an LS4b or LS8. Maybe even an ASK-21 since most of us start off on that. No need for moped-gliders just yet. These are much more complex to model. 15m class no-flaps will do....

    As to areas, Gap-Taillard would be cool, but with the scenery SDK that it within reach!