TUTORIAL - Custom engine sounds

  • Yes but how do you convert your sounds? You must have tried to start an application or something, the error message looks like you tried to start an executable but instead of giving the path to that executable you used just a folder path.

    Your custom sounds don't belong into the Steam installation folder, use the user folder for this (c documents, aerofly fs 2). If you keep your own files in the steam installation folder the next steam update could wipe them from your hard drive.

  • Hi. I need some help guys.

    My Users\Documents\Aerofly FS 2\aircraft is empty. I have installed the aircraft_converter but for the life of me can't find aircraft_workshop directory of the SDK root folder. I don't even seem to have a SDK root folder.

    Hope someone can help. Thanks

  • Hi,

    I wonder if anyone can help?

    When I follow this tutorial and open my "sound001" folder with the aircraft converter, the conversion shows 0 files and converts instantly - .........and when I check my new resulting "Sound001" folder in the Aircrafts, it is completely empty?

    I have followed all steps; my new audio files are mono, 22Khz WAV files, and I have copied the correct model.tmc, dr400.tgi and dr400.tmd files, from the dr400 folder in the SDK aircraft workshop folder.

    Any clues? I notice this tutorial is 2 years old, does this method not work any more?

    Thanks in advance for any help.


  • I think you can just put the wav files into the dr400 folder and convert that.

    The converter doesn't convert the sound files on their own, I think it first wants to convert an aircraft - and if you have no aircraft files in your folder it probably will abort before it even gets to the sounds.

    Thanks Jan.

    As per the tutorial above, I had copied the 3 stated files from the dr400's workshop folder. However, I have just solved the issue. The above tutorial states that only those 3 files need to be copied from the dr400's folder, for the conversion to work. However this did not work for me. But when I coped all files from the dr400's workshop folder (along with the WAV I wanted to convert) and ran the conversion, it worked!

    Thanks again for the prompt help.