aerofly FS 2 coffee party

  • Great new, Rodeo.

    First, I do love magic, especially those objects that we have been waiting to magically appear in Aerofly FS2 scenery. The night lighting looks excellent also. Poly areas in GeoConverter are so much better than rectangles - best news of all.

    With the upcoming fuzzy area fix, will the scenery have to be recomputed with the new version of GeoConverter or will the "fuzzy areas just disappear" when flying in Aerofly FS2?

    Any word on the "black" blocks or rectangles in some GeoConverer scenery?

    I do love these Coffee Parties. Keep them coming.



  • same question as Ray : Rodeo, you said the blurry textures issue will be fixed with the next Aerofly FS2 update. Does it mean we don't need to recompile with the next Geoconvert release ?

    Do we have to wait for a not yet announced Aerofly FS2 update ? Or can we expect soon a beta fix release ?

    Thanks in advance.



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  • Hi,

    I can't answer it exactly right now. But I expect it will be solved by a fix of aerofly without the need to recompile the custom sceneries.

    I know about the blurry areas, but I do not know whether the same is true for black holes.


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    Hi Ray,

    the blurry border hasn't been fixed yet but will be shortly.

    The progress box counts do get messed up if your defined boundary area isn't correct in your tmc.

    What I normally do to get the border is take the exact numbers right from your job in FSET, convert them into decimal readings and round them outward.

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  • Dear community,

    today I desperately needed another coffee so I went to my favorite coffee shop called IPACS. They don’t let me pay for it, so the cup of coffee is rather cheap there. :P

    My main topic to be discussed was the further development of cultivation. The first steps were made to innervate surroundings of airports with semi automatic processes. This is the reason the cultivation files are currently linked to an airport definition file TSC.

    IPACS is aware that with the adaption of scenProc ten thousands of objects can be placed in a wink. Now entire regions and even countries can be flooded with cultivation data. So IPACS works about to introduce a tile system similar to their scenery tile system and an adapted file format.
    But additionally it is necessary to expand the parameters for cultivation. It does not make sense, to fill the whole world with all very similar buildings and trees. This uniform look does not meet the IPACS agenda of aerofly. Greater variation and more textures are essential.

    But to be honest, even with these features we will not get a satisfactory result to represent the typical skyline of a well known city. Churches, stadiums and famous objects still need more attention. So IPACS checks to combine OSM data with advanced database sets.

    The community has to take into account, that the current level of cultivation will be modified in subsequent versions. So a recompilation of present cultivation data may become mandatory in the future.

    Let me now introduce another member of the dedicated IPACS team, Stefan Schoenberger.

    Stefan is a freelance graphic designer since 1992. He joined IPACS in about 2012, when aerofly FS 1 was under construction. He is a pilot of gliders, motor gliders and hang gliders and he is proud of his home cockpit of a Pitts which he built a bigger part in person.

    At IPACS he is resposible for the overall scenery design, from defining the areas and airports to detailed constructions. See the Monument Valley to get an impression of his excellent skills. His traces can also be found in the aerofly user interface, the aerofly logo, the official video clips and exhibition flyers.

    He demonstrated me that aerofly can even handle a scenery in Google 3D style. But this more a topic of copyright and legal usage, so it is for test purposes only.

    Nethertheless we look forward to a lot of new and exciting features.

    Enjoy aerofly FS 2


  • When I reviewed the coffee thread I saw the above picture of Michael. Then I looked closer at the computer screen showing a church and a monastery. I found out that this is the monastery of St. Gallen in Switzerland. I wonder if that is in relation with Aerofly and whether we can expect more detailed cities.





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  • Our friend Rodeo has not posted any coffee party photos of team members working in the background so I thought I would add this team photo of several of the Orbx team - just to put some faces to the names that we often see on the forums.