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  • I bought AeroflyFS2 on day 1. I am not using any VR device but a hardware panel

    [Blocked Image:…ight_simulation_small.jpg]

    From this day on, I have been in hope to get SPAD.neXt

    and FS-FlightControl

    to run on the networked laptop. The first one for driving controls and panels including the Saitek FIPs, the latter for getting a decent moving map (and numerous more functions) on display on the laptop. This works in all simulators I am using right now: Prepar3d4, Flight Sim World, and X-Plane 11. It doesn't in AeroflyFS2.

    Having to replug the 2 hubs collecting the Controls/Panels to the main machine, maybe recalibrating stuff, and missing the networked moving map on the laptop makes me think twice, no trice, if I should start AeroflyFS2. And, yes, of course I supported AeroflyFS2 by buying all addons available so far. Given, ORBX will release two stunning titles soon I really would like to enjoy them, too.

    I am not a specialist in this field, but as far as I understand there is still no Simconnect-style interface to hook in for developers in AeroflyFS2. May I kindly ask what is the state of affairs with this?

    And, btw., I am convinced more developers would take advantage of such an interface, if present.

    Thanks and kind regards, Michael

  • [h=3]Michael,[/h]Aerofly FS 2 does have some preliminary data output functionality already, so what you are looking for isn't too far away. Here is some of the output over network available currently:

    Broadcasting Flight Information to a Secondary Device

    For those who wish to broadcast flight information onto a device such as an iPhone, iPad, Android device, or even another PC, you can enable and configure the settings shown below. These settings are accessible under Settings/Miscellaneous Settings.

    In order for you to set this feature up to work, you must follow the below steps. Note - This feature requires the use of your LAN (Local Area Network) or Local Network, and a basic understanding of your local network.
    1. First turn on this feature. Find Broadcast Flight Info to IP Address and switch the setting to “ON”
    2. On your secondary device, download the free app ForeFlight or your preferred app that is capable of receiving flight data over an IP network (LAN or Home Network). Note - In this demo we will use ForeFlight on an iPad.
    3. Set the Broadcast IP Address to your local IP address range, changing the last part to 255. Note - If the local IP address of your PC is, you should set this setting as To locate your PC's IP address, go to your command line (CMD), and type: ipconfig /all.
    4. The Broadcast Port should remain the default 49002
    5 Insure that your secondary device is on the same local network as the PC that you are running Aerofly FS 2 on.
    6. Set up your flight as you normally would.
    7. Start the ForeFlight app (or your preferred app). To verify your connection is a success (ForeFlight) click on the bottom tab that says “More”, find “Devices”. You should see a box showing Aerofly FS 2 is connected. Note - You should familiarize yourself with the application you are using. ForeFlight provides you with many free features that work well with Aerofly FS 2.

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  • Hi,

    thanks Jeff, for the quick answer. This sounds to be a valid approach. While I am not using Foreflight, the approach as such might work as well if appropriate data are pushed over the network. Basically it might be what I am looking for.

    I'll check if the authors of the two applications can make use of it.

    Kind regards, Michael