Flying a real glider over Grand Canyon

  • People just need to see this. Epic.

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    Wow that looks truly amazing. At first I was a bit surprised that he used oxygen, because he didn't look THAT high. But I forgot the ground is already kinda high, and at 17000ft I'd use oxygen, too, for sure.

    I'd love to see these clouds in Aerofly :D The weather looks almost perfect for gliding, too. The thermals look to be strong clouds are indicating them very nicely. The cloud streets could be a little bit longer though :D He also mentions there's no place to land, 240 miles away from home, I'd like that as a challenge :D




  • Fantastic to see the location that I visited as tourist in June 2010. Now and then recognised spots that I admired on groundlevel.
    Crisp and clear movie you made and time-lapsed the not so special flighttimes, very well done.

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  • It's a great way to while away a Sunday afternoon... but the constant stress of locking on to a possible landing site all the time makes me prefer doing this in the sim!
    I had a great glide down the Inn valley yesterday.
    I haven't figured out how authentic the thermal generation might be, but the vario kept up its song long enough to go there... and back.

  • I've been watching Bruno's flying for years and its great to see him finally do this. I remember people posting in his youtube comments that he must have emphysema if he needs an oxygen tank <facepalm> lol :D

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