Landing the Airbus in LOWI on AP using flightplan...?

  • I did my first flight with the Airbus using the Rift. Oddly enough I only flew GA up to now. Luckily I had my very own tutorial to guide me along LOL otherwise I wouldn't have made it.

    Anyway, I ran into a problem. Or to put it otherwise: I ran into a mountain. Well, almost. Obviously the automatic FAF for LOWI's runway 8 lies inside a mountain. I got around this, litteraly, but switching the plane to heading mode and guiding the AP that way but that just feels a bit wrong. It was a bit of a guess and trial and error because I wasn't totally sure if I was descending into the correct valley. Anyway, it did work out okay but I would LOVE being able to plan a flight around that mountain!

    So although the automatic FAF is an awesome feature I would like to be able to remove it from my flightplan and create my own FAF. Is there ANY way I could do something to skip that FAF whenever it is situated wrong?

  • We will adress this in a future update. Right now it's not really worth creating an intelligent algorithm to steer around the mountains when we have real world approaches from a database lined up for development. As ATC is currently in development features like realistic approaches will come automatically.

    For now just use the selected modes, I've seen plenty videos where pilots in the real world do exactly that in Innsbruck.

    I've actually not seen a fully managed approach into Innsbruck RWY 08 yet, if you have a video please share it with us :D