Lakehurst, New Jersey

  • Is it one or two airports?

    In FS 2 it's one airport "Lakehurst"

    In Google maps it's two; "Lakehurst NATF" And "Naec Airport"

    In Google earth also two, the second one is "Lakehurst Neas"

    Having extensive experience wit Air Hauler I smell problems in the future for

    upcoming add ons like these..


    I came to the conclusion that is is indeed one airport, the whole thing has only one ICAO Code.


    But with the it's name not everyone agrees, I think it's "Lakehurst Maxfield Field"

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  • I see going on Google isn't the best of ideas..

    Naming an airport is a problem, I'm now at Francis S. Gabreski Airport

    and I see all different names, I would rather go with airport codes.

    Now looking at that I have a new question, growing up with ICAO-codes

    I now see all IATA-codes, is that the new thing?

    Thanks for the Skyvector link!

  • ICAO is for pilots,

    IATA is for passengers I think

    it already sais that in the names international civil AVIATION organization airport code

    vs. International Air TRANSPORT Association airport code

    IATA is just for larger cities, ICAO has a lot more smaller airports that you would never fly a passenger jet out of.

    There are a lot of airports that just have some random letter and number combination, e.g. 74V = Roosesvelt Muniso

    ICAO search + name search combined would be the right choice.