Android control and calibration

  • hallo everyone, samsung s7 edge user here. I downloaded the free version of af1. Bought set of planes. Till here everything goes well. Game is nice. Could complain about non working cockpit etc but serious trouble making me regret my money is completely messed up control. If u want to use the gyro of your phone u need to either restart app, but it doesnt work most of the time. Secondly you recommend to restart whole phone. Well u are the first demanding that. But it doesnt work either. Finally. Anyone working on serious plane control would implement a virtual touch controls since many people prefers them. One way doesnt work or pushes u to restart phone, second option is none. Together with ignorance of mob community this makes me really sad. How the heck everyone is able to.process proper calibration by a single touch, while we are proposed to work it out by totally confusing way without any significant effect. Sorry for me being this baaad, but one gets sad from that. Now my money go to elsewhere unfortunately. But one cant expect any fixes soon for Android. So I am done. Happy landings and proper control for everyone !!!