what program can import tmb and ttx files?

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    the quote "txt" files can be opened by any text editor but I think you ment ttx

    The only software that can reopen the tmb and ttx files is the Aerofly itself.

    The tmb and ttx files are binary file formats that protect the raw model and textures.

    Currently there is no external tool to edit pilot figures. But you could theoretically create your own model and export it, I think the process is the same as for aircraft but I am not sure.


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    No, because there is no need for it to read such a file. The plugin for AC3D either reads an ac3d file or directly exports from the model loaded in RAM. It then writes the tgi file as far as I know, that is just an intermediate file that can probably be reopened but maybe not. So maybe the export plugin can be used to reopen a tgi file but not the final engine format "tgb"

    After that the converter converts the tgi and bmp texture files to the final tmb and ttx files.

    But the converter works just one way as far as I know.

  • is a sad. i want have patricia with pilot uniform

    really not possible export the pilots ?||

    This was asked twice, but IPACS team never cared answering so far : SDK extension, Pilot

    You can try placing Patricia in the Airbus, but unless IPACS provides an SDK extension for Pilot editing, there's no way she'll wear the outfit...

    Or you have to start a new pilot from scratch.



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