User Defined Custom Folder Location Setting Added to Aerofly FS2 (Main.MCF)

  • Ahhhh I think I know why Jetjockey10 couldn't get it to work. He didn't have a subfolder scenery.

    The folder that you specify in the main config is not a scenery folder, it is a new user folder. It can contain a subfolder aircraft, scenery and so on.

    So it is working you just have to do it right.

  • OK gang, taking a fresh look at this. . . btw, where are those instructions located?

    I created a new folder on my E: drive for the additional scenery files. All my basic Aerofly FS2 files on are my C: drive.

    Using [E:\aerofly] as the specified folder in the main.mcf file, I have a subfolder named scenery with a subfolder named images that contains additional user specified folder names that contain the actual scenery files. This mimics the file structure that I use on C:\ except for the location in the users/documents path.

    e:\aerofly\scenery\images\big_whitbey\user files

    Now, where did I go wrong? IT DOES NOT WORK. <X:rolleyes::rolleyes::!::!::!:



  • I'm very sorry to read that it is still not working! Looks like we are still overlooking something.

    Are you sure the fault is in the extra user folder and not in the scenery files themselves?

    Are those exact files working if you have them in the default user folder in your documents?

    Which version is your Aerofly at? Steam public beta I assume....

    Are you also sure that you are editing the right main.mcf, not some backup?

    This has happened to me before. Not working for hours until I noticed I was editing the wrong file.

    BTW. I have mine set in the reverse direction, my developer Aerofly now uses the steam scenery... It also works with spaces and capital letters, etc. It is safe to say that it is case sensitive and also accounts for spaces. Make sure your actual path matches the exact same case (as you probably already have 100x)

     <[string8][extra_user_folder][D:\Steam\steamapps\common\Aerofly FS 2 Flight Simulator]>

    Can you give us more information about your operating system? Window 10? What kind of storage devices was this again? SSD, HDD or external drive?

  • Hello Jan,

    Thanks for the moral supp

    I have checked (supposedly) everything in the loop, but no doubt it will be something simple that I have overlooked or a typo someplace.

    I am going to try Mick's suggestion in an hour or so using different scenery files, a different drive, only typing with my left hand, etc. and if that doesn't work, I will start over with Rodeo's IPACS illustration.

    I really am getting tired of something that shouldn't take more than a minute to do. Duh.

    Win7 SDD, SDD, SDD.



  • Update.

    Neither Mick's nor Rodeo's setup works on my setup. Nothing I have tried will point the AF2 to look for additional files on another drive.

    I don't think it has anything to do with the Main.mcf because I have tried a crazy number of different folders in the String8 line. In all cases I had a primary folder name that match exactly the String8 folder name and then I have subfolders for scenery and then a subfolder for images which has subfolders with the actual scenery files.

    I checked that I had good working scenery files by moving them from the active scenery/images folder to the added folder on E:.

    I'm guessing it must be something to do with the installation of my AF2 that is throwing the wrench into the works. I use win7 with solid state drives and neither has been a problem since new. I am using the beta version of AF2.



  • Hello Ray,

    is the main.mcf located in your ..\Documents\Aerofly FS 2 folder?

    Did you manually add the line or did you find it in the main.mcf?


    The new String8 line was already present. I just added IPACS between the [ ] and saved the file.



  • hi Ray ,

    Your user files need to be placed in your big_whitbey folder not after it.


    They were and are.

    Actually, it works either way, or both, in the base scenery/images folder path. Anything in the images folder that is a bonafide scenery file should work whether in an additional folder or not. I tried both ways as part of my 100 tries.



  • Thanks Rodeo, this worked for me.

    Handy cultivation tools

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  • OK Gang, on the bigger and better things. I now have some partial success. I have a working 2nd drive for additional storage space for Aerofly FS2. It is not ideal, but it works. I have a 1 GB USB3 drive that is faster than the typical internal drive but much slower than a solid state drive. This USB3 drive worked on the first try. duh.

    I am still unable for some reason to use one of my 500 MB SSD drives but I now have 1 GB that is reasonably fast and portable.

    Thanks Jeff, thanks Jan, and thanks Mick for hanging in there and troubleshooting the problem.



  • You can now define a custom user folder by adding your location to the field: <[string8][extra_user_folder][]> located within the main.mcf file. The location can be defined by placing it within the brackets of the command and saved.

    For defining a custom scenery location the location must contain the sub-folder “scenery”. This will give you the ability to place your custom scenery in a location other than the documents folder located on the root drive. This will allow for Aerofly FS2 to scan for any image files in that location.

    Hi Jeff:

    I did that today, adding a new location for all my user content related files on my new SSD drive, from the default location in C:\users\%documents% folder, to save disk space on my C:\ drive, and writing the corresponding new path in the line <[string8][extra_user_folder][]> in the main.mcf file (located in the same documents folder), between the brackets, as indicated. All my user scenery content is showing up correctly, but regretfully my aircraft user repaints and the C172mod are not showing.

    Am I missing something?.

    Had to move back my aircraft user content files back to its original location in C:\users\%documents% to make them to show up.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

    Cheers, Ed