Norway - mesh

  • What is important is to find out the name of 2 or 3 airports that you are thinking about adding to AF2. That would allow me to get a firm grip on my geography.

    I do not have much time for airport modeling. For that reason I have been striving to find simple solutions for 3d modeling. And now I've just found a good solution - I think..... :/

    Where I begin will depend on the new Geoconvert tool. First, I have to test how good photoscenery I can manage to make. Quite exciting....

    Perhaps it makes sense to start in the west? Then I do not depend on much photo between the two airports (Haugesund and Stavanger). :)

  • Good choice. I worked out of the Stavanger office for awhile way back when. We took over a large oil platform deck that was being built on Stord Island. Had to use a seaplane to get there, or that is what I kept telling them.



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  • Perhaps it makes sense to start in the west? Then I do not depend on much photo between the two airports (Haugesund and Stavanger).

    Well, er... remember that water is photo too in Aerofly FS 2...? ;) Anyway, I am VERY HAPPY to see more people are interested in Norway!

  • When airborne yes. You simply have more airdrag at the feet when cruising.

    When on water definitely not.

    Water drag is very strong and a lot of power is needed to get the aircraft on the step before to start gaining speed. Waves make also a big difference - totally flat water is extremely sticky. The behaviour differences between floating and on the step are sure no easy stuff to get reasonnably modellized.

    Step taxiing is also something very special, here again the influences of wind and waves make a big difference.



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  • All I can say is that I'd certainly low to fly the Norway fjords. I had sort of planned doing that in FSX with the OrbX scenery a while ago but then I put my FSX expenses on hold. Aerofly FS2 would be a great way to get back to this project. The Dash is certainly a great aircraft for that place. But Norway is only going to emphasize even stronger the need for weather (we really new snowfalls there), and indeed the lack of floatplanes will show there too (and I love them. I went back to Prepar3d recently just to fly the Aerosoft Catalania in VR as a water bomber using Firefighter X. So awesome).