Frequently activation needed

  • hi,

    with RC7 ultimatei have for a while,it is often asked me the code activation.

    I am under W10 ;

    for example,i have activated 2 days ago and today RC7 asks me that code activation is needed again;

    Can you explain me why if it is possible.

    Thanks in advance;


  • Thanks Arthur,

    i have writen a new ticket to Ikarus.

    I've already used severalkeys activation.*RC7 is instaaled on 2 pc with w10.The first one has no problem.

    I'd like know to make a back up to not to have re-activate every time.

    Best regards


  • Hi Jürgen,

    no i have 1 license,but when i activate every one,all both work.If i restart the second PC(The one which has problem),the problem appears).

    In the recent past ,ihad the problem even on the first,that seems a de-activation for a reason i've never found.

    I've searched a long time to know what parameters to make a back up i could use for not to re-activate.

    It is the only sofware that make problem.

    I've e-mail to Ikarus,but no answer at this time.

  • Indeed I can not find any helpful or valid information about the usage of the "Product Key".

    At the time I upgraded from AF 5 to RC 7 I got a message that it can be used only 2 times.

    So I was able to change the PC once. And since there I have to ask for a new one each time Windows makes a bigger update, eg. W7 to W10 or "Creators".

    So a clear statement from Ikarus would be greatly appreciated.