Glass display SDK

  • So far all glass cockpit code is programmed directly into the Aerofly executable code because it is much simpler and a lot faster in terms of rendering doing it that way. To my knowledge there hasn't really been any request from external developers to create own displays for an Aerofly aircraft. If you plan to create such an aircraft I think its best to get into direct contact with IPACS (though the support mail or something like that).

    At some point in the future we might create tools to create custom glass cockpit code.

    Right now, as far as I know, there hasn't been much demand for it so I don't think it's that high on the priority list at the moment but I could be wrong, too.



  • The only thing needed is the render target, the graphics library used to render to it, and a callback function that the sim will call in the dll loaded for the aircraft and it would be as fast and pretty much as simple as programming directly in the Aerofly exe. I'm of the firm belief that glass displays should always be done at the C++ level, not by some scripted means like XML or lua or others.