Geonverting Tool Wiki is hard to follow

  • I think a youtube tutorial would help. I'm trying to follow the process through the wiki carefully and I'm getting lost in many steps. ?(

    For instance, in the section "Create TFW File", I don't know what this section is talking about. How do I know whether I have the originals INF files (what and where

    are they?) How can I be sure the process is automated? Where is the inf2tfwConverter.exe file? (I couldn't find it in any of the files are required at the top of the wiki)

    Then, I keep reading "The SDK package contains a sample .TMC file" (where? It sounds lazy but we are talking about users who are doing this for the firts time. It would be more useful to help to find files very quickly if the folders locations are mentioned)

    It follows: "We have to define the full area of our image set by entering the topmost left corner NW, and the bottommost right corner SE." - Why? What's the reason behind this? And how is done? I couldn't say reading what's coming after.

    And finally... what do I do with the generated files? Where do I have to place them?

    I'd appreciate if the wiki would be writen thinking about user who have never used this tool neither have the knowledge of what is happening under the hood, please. I really appreciate the documentation, but seems to be focus on people who is quite familiar with the process already.

  • I think you will have someone (may be me) soon who will try to help others by recording their process of all of this.

    YES, it is hard to follow and especially if you've never used FSET before BUT nothing comes easy so please do re-read again and again until you crack it in your mind as I bet you can.


  • We will write a small introductory in the Wiki soon, to get the 'greater' picture on what is required and how this process works.

    The GeoConvert tool, like we have said before, is not just plug and play. Creating aerial images for use with Aerofly FS 2 is a fairly complex step, this is necessary however to have a smooth operation while flying.

    So be patient, we will try to write a better introduction soon.

  • ...and in this future introductory in the Wiki also were to install/unpack things, I don't even know were to put the SDK..

    Said that you have to have FS2 installed now I read someone is going to do the conversion on a different machine...

    If I ever get this done.. be aware, it will be very foggy :)

  • If I ever get this done.. be aware, it will be very foggy :)


    Reboot your system and start geoconvert with a small project.

    As soon as you get used to it, you a ready for the large ones, which may take several hours of conversion.

    But take into account:

    Geoconvert reads then 10 to 20 GB of aerial images, creates small tiles, all of them georeferenced, creates different tiles for different levels and compresses the data to a fraction of the inital imput. These are time consuming jobs. I run these jobs over night.


  • Said that you have to have FS2 installed now I read someone is going to do the conversion on a different machine...

    I agree that such information may be confusing.

    You need Aerofly FS2 to be able to use the scenery you make - but even I understand that it does not benefit without access to the simulator itself (I have Aerofly FS2 installed on another machine).

  • I posted a new thread on this forum for now with simple core steps to take.

    I will tweak it a bit and add it to the wiki shortly. Please be patient here.

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