Having trouble with the new geoconvert tool; Please Read

  • Hi Rodeo,

    Thanks for your response. I remember reading something like that - that the coordinates might be wrong. I did a small area to try and get the hang of it to start with - here is the TFW:







    and TMC:



    <[uint32] [level] [9]>

    <[vector2_float64] [lonlat_min] [-44.63 167.87]>

    <[vector2_float64] [lonlat_max] [-44.71 167.98]>

    Does that help? Thanks again,


  • Let's face it - what does min and max really mean? Poor naming convention!

    The following is correct for the Northern hemisphere. Why don't we use lonlat_NW and lonlat_SE which should be useful anywhere


    <[uint32] [level] [11]>

    <[vector2_float64] [lonlat_min] [-122.33642578125 48.583345413208]> <<< NW

    <[vector2_float64] [lonlat_max] [-120.97526550293 47.6949977874756]> <<<SE


  • Exactly.

    Moreover, as long as lonlat_min is NW corner and lonlat_max is SE corner, whatever the hemisphere, min and max work for W and E (i.e. W<E), but for N and S it's the opposite => N>S !

    This can be pretty much confusing. For that reason I ignore the min / max and think NW / SE instead.



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