Modifying a BMP file

  • When you modify a BMP created by FSET to create an alpha channel to use alpha blending with Geoconvert, after the modifications, you export the modified file as a TIF file (I'm using GIMP), but the original BMP (the not modified one) should be kept in the same working folder, or it should be completely replaced by the new TIF file and deleted from the working folder before the geoconversion?. It could be a silly question, but I'm stuck with this now.

    To some expert using GIMP/Geoconvert, please help.

    Thanks in advance.

    Cheers, Ed

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    If you use Gimp to modify image files (alpha blending, etc. ) you need to convert all of the image files to TIF format to avoid confusion and take out the origion BMP files from your project.

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